Making Something: “Solidarity in Fiction”

Yesterday, I was halfway through facilitating the second and final day of our annual staff retreat when the new Inkwells arrived. I forgot how exhausted and stressed out I was; instead, I shrieked and pranced. Finally. Inkwell is the annual publication written and edited by the staff of the Writing Center where I work. This is my […]

Summer ILC Week, 10 and beyond: My last quarter at Evergreen

In 2010 I had lots of grownup firsts: moved out of my mom’s house, got my first full-time job, and fully supported myself. It felt good and necessary, and I’m glad I had the experience. I did data entry job for a company that sold carpets and window treatments. Not thrilling, but I’m great at […]

Summer ILC, Week 1: What’s an ILC again? So many questions!

Two weeks ago I walked at graduation, but I have one more quarter left to go at Evergreen before I officially receive my BA! This last project is an 8-credit Individual Learning Contract (Evergreen-speak for doing whatever you want (with faculty support) and getting credit for it.) called A Novel Publication: Learning to Navigate the World of Professional Writing. […]

The Virgin’s Coffin: Snow White, the Brothers Grimm, and Appropriation

Guess what, y’all. That paper I was working on so hard for class turned out awesome. The Virgin’s Coffin: Snow White, the Brothers Grimm, and Appropriation In the tradition of early Christian martyrdom, “virginity could be the equal of any martyr’s death, signalling one of the most persistent themes in female spirituality” (Rubin, 156). All […]

Why I don’t feel bad about giving up on NaNoWriMo this year

Snow White and the Seven Deadly Sins is the fifth rough draft I’ve gotten out of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). But this is the first time I’ve attempted to finish NaNoWriMo while going to school full time, working 18 hours/week, and commuting 12 hours/week. It was ridiculously optimistic of me to attempt it in the […]

In which Beth finally figures out what she wants to do with her life??

I had a sort of revelation at work last week. There have been several threads of thought regarding my professional like that have been spinning and weaving and untangling themselves for a while now. The main two are: 1. Yes, I’m going to try to become a published novelist, but what am I going to […]